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Race Evaluation

CSU Park-O Series: Peters Hill (advanced)


2. A bit wide to the left, kind of veered off going over the top.
3. Wasn't reading the vegetation very well, and started turning left when I got close, but then spotted the control.
4. Adam catches up here.
6. Via #7... oops. Punched at 7, then thought, "Bridge? Huh? And why is that box #6? Oh." Adam went to #6 correctly and got ahead.
7. Back to 7 again.
8. "Hill edge" is an odd description.
11. Left of the line to stay in the open and avoid climb. Gaining back time on Adam, who's leaving the control as I arrive.
12. Adam went to the right around the cliff end, but I went straight up the top of the reentrant and pulled back even with him. Looked at another cliff just east of the circle first.
13. Around to the west, trail to road, with Adam. I went back later and scoped out the straight route. It didn't look too bad, so I dropped my bag of stuff down the cliff then tried the leg that way (in street clothes and wholly unsuitable shoes). Took me only 32 seconds, no sweat. Seriously.
15. Adam pulling away on the climb.

Total Time Lost - 00:00:00

Split Analysis

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