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Race Evaluation

CSU Park-O Series: Peters Hill (advanced)


1. As opposed to last week, didn't take me so long to figure out where to go.
2. up and over at a reasonable pace
3. I remembered the line of trees from the last time the Park-O was here.
4. Took an angle that was a bit high, but the water hole was easy to see
5. left around the stuff
7. Saw Samantha running to 7 from 5.
8. Slight faux pas - took the road, then had to climb an embankment
9. went to the far side of the depression before cutting in - not really optimal
11. The plan was to follow the vegetation line (avoiding climb) until a suitable point. Found the suitable point (trail near control) but climbed by mistake. Jeff passed me here
12. Back up the trail (optimum I think) while Jeff went left. Found the wrong cliff first.
13. Continued in same direction and around. Funny looking cliff (dumpster)
15. This leg reminded me of leg #2 of the Billygoat. My calves were screaming and I walked up. I took the opportunity to set the compass for #16
16. Run compass bearing.
17. Road.
F. Yahoo! Thanks CSU for another fun park-o series.

Total Time Lost - 00:00:00

Split Analysis

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