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Race Evaluation

Blue Hills Traverse:


1. At the signal, many start left. I look at the map and go right. There was Peter G. also going this way -- a reassuring sign. I wentl into following mode. Now and then, remembering how very lost this can make you, I check the map.
5. The pack I was following took the south trail. Leaving the trail, they cut north across the east part of the marsh, forcing themselves onto poor ground. I followed a tall guy in a Cambridge U O-Club top along the south side of the marsh finding good footing. As we neared the control, he hesitated and I beat the pack to the mark.
6. No time to savor the possibility of being in first place. People pass me and I'm following again.
7. Here's where I lost contact with the pack. I can't keep up the pace, and start to navigate more carefully.
8. +01:00Lost some time here by going low below the cliffs and staying too low. Drawn to the control by someone coming by me going downhill.
10. Clint and Tom ahead of me along the trail.
11. Clint and Tom ahead of me. They go farther left than me from trail to control, and that's the last I see of them.
16. 5:33 includes 1 minute with refreshments at control 15. Caught up with Ross Smith, who was moving slowly.
20. Crossing the roads, was near John Hansman. Ross Smith caught up with us as we neared the control.
21. 10:42 includes 20 seconds at control 20, drank a cup of water. Headed west from the control, and ended up on the big, marked trail, which turned out to be a rather effective way down the hill to the nice trail. Followed trails right and low, then up to the control, which I reached shortly before John..
22. Down to the trail. Left the trail to head west toward the control. Ended up too far right but corrected the error pretty quickly.
23. Around to the right.
24. Got on the trail and went straight past the pond & marsh then down the reentrant.
25. Straight up, ending near the knoll so adjusted to the right and found the control easily. John Hansman wasn't far behind.
26. +01:00Straight to the control, down, and miss to the right. John made a noise when he found the control and I looked up. Took a minute to get back up.
27. Along trails and roads, with John in the lead.
28. Punch with John.
F. Left by the beach house. John and I are cramping about equally but are able to run creditably to tie at the finish.

Total Time Lost - 00:02:00

Split Analysis

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