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Race Evaluation

Blue Hills Traverse:


1. Around lake to the left behind Ross Smith and two guys I don't know.
2. Never looked at map, just followed Peter Gagarin.
3. Saw control on wrong boulder as Peter and Alar were heading down hill to the mapped one.
5. Left route, with Peter and others.
6. Went a bit wide to the right to keep my feet dry.
7. Stomach not feeling too good, cut through to second trail while others stayed on first trail. Had to stop for an intestinal adjustment (Thon break), while Darrel Scott went by, and joined up with Charlie DeWeese as he passed. Got a nice route on unmapped trails through the green on the hilltop just before the control.
8. I've always had trouble with this hillside, and wonder if there might be something funny with the map. Charlie and I overshot a bit.
10. Dumb, dumb, dumb. Took trail to right, then botched the execution and went all the way around the hill to the north. Henderson, Nietupski, and George Walker almost catch up. Charlie goes left and gets away.
11. Left trail and up reentrant. Pass Pete Bundschuh en route.
12. Bob Dangel catches up, and it with me until #19.
14. See Charlie on his way to #15, and quite a few people close behind.
16. Catch Charlie, we go too far right and get just about up to trail, 200 m north and three lines above control.
17. Mistook new trail for large stone pillars, and was briefly baffled.
18. Initially hit spur to north, and had to think.
19. Charlie goes left and disappears. Bob and I go right, out to road, and up.
20. Make good time going down, and lose Bob on the long trudge up.
21. Trails to due south of control, then follow green in and spike it.
22. Kind of sloppy, down all the way to large trail on the north, but I pass John Hansman approaching the circle.
23. Right around marsh, and see Scott Turner leaving control.
24. Scott goes straight, and I go left to dirt road, which is much faster, and get ahead.
25. Ross Smith coming in from the wrong direction as I get there.
26. Ross catches up, but not before almost missing boulder.
27. Ross slowly pulls away.
28. Ross looks like he's going to miss to the right, but gets to control just ahead of me.
F. And of course, I can't catch him in the chute.

Total Time Lost - 00:00:00

Split Analysis

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