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Race Evaluation

North American Champs: Green Day 2


1. first starter, straight into woods
2. trail jct, straight from top
3. +06:50did not have this one visualized right, wandered all around it probably passing within 20m twice, then the blue vetter stops me trying to find 218?, I told him it was on green and was probably already checked, he didn't need to find it
4. +09:35along stream to trickle from marsh up tnto 12ft high rough open wnw of bag - probably was within 30m - then fought through green and deadfall all the way up to oil derrick, never saw trail, back around through rough open, still didn' believe it until someone pops out of woods and punches, so I go look, what a revelation
5. +00:30start e?, trail, ene of hilltop
6. 35m of trail, beat Mary Frank in by not going around gully
7. +02:20never saw trail in green, back into woods n of hilltop on trail in yellow, got 100m n and wandered until I saw Mary again, followed her in
8. right of straight to top of reentrant
9. +03:30200m nnw then across stream, forced up past first big reentrant, then fought down spur through deadfall to a point 35m ssw of bag, knew where it was, should have just gotten wet
11. +02:20nnw? for 150m until I correct then to spur nw of bag, hesitatant, down then up to saddle
12. +05:30around to little reedy marsh, then can't find bag, circle the area wondering what that is on my map that passes for a dot knoll, standing 15m away when Mary comes in and punches
13. +00:15streambend
14. +00:20wsw then up 70m se of tiny boulder with flag, this time I show Mary the way for a change
15. water, s over side then straight
16. wsw to second trail
17. a little right of straight
F. you mean I can leave now? one of my worst runs in some time - and now when I'm free of all of my maladies - couldn't even find the streamered route back, went straight

Total Time Lost - 00:31:10

Split Analysis

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