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Race Evaluation

Gay City: Blue


1. includes 1:46 map copy - 1:45 running time. [re-ran course a week later - sunny, cool - notes times in brackets - 1:42
2. +00:20ran to larger reentrant with marsh, then realized my error [2:45 - flags still in woods]
3. pretty much straight to pit, then bash through green [3:01]
4. wound up drifting due south, wound up coming up hill after crossing over barbed wire fence [2:55 - got it right this time]
5. +00:20S of line by cigar knoll - looking uphill to where I thought platform should be I didn't see flag, so slowed down to recheck my bearings - flag was just hung low on back side [2:43 - Henderson out running course today]
6. +00:15missed flag went to lower boulder, then backed up [missed flag left -30s - must have forgotten to punch watch]
7. trail to end of stone wall then up and in [6:32 for #6 & 7 - left trail earlier and got above flag came back down - -30s]
8. +00:45skirted around N side of hill rather than going over - didn't really save any climb and added extra distance - beginning to rain... [6:38 - missed left - -30s]
9. across stream and uphill - headed for green marsh, then cut down between two knolls and in - [5:44 - stayed low this time, crossing stream and up spur, across banana knoll and between knolls]
10. +00:30lots of fern, no elephant path - slow and unsure of footing - starting to lose use of glasses.. [4:14 - drifted right before power line trying to save climb over knoll - too far]
11. +00:30glasses off now, wound up in larger reentrant W, quick correction [4:04 - much cleaner this time]
12. +03:00vague area, definitely wandered blind a bit off map here. Luckily ran into control as I was headed S to relocate [4:20 - stayed low but slowed up before crossing second stream]
13. +01:00drifted left uphill, recognized rocky knoll, went straight down to flag on bearing from there. [4:17 - much better without rain]
14. ran blind to large boulder and in from there. [1:06]
15. +04:00map copy errors - forgot to put in a connecting line from 14, and also misnumbered control circle here on out - so from 14 I had no line, no circle #15 - wasted about 90sec trying to figure out where the missing control was, worked my way backward from finish with description and realized my error. Pretty much ran due S (blind) to trail then W a bit and down between large marsh and smaller western marsh. Crossing trickle near control I got bogged down in the green, started up far hill and realized I needed to turn around - ok from that angle [8:41]
16. +00:45out to trail, then to first knoll - then bearing across from there. Slow going, but accurate [4:50 - cut in right after bridge - straight]
17. +00:30got a little left near control, then corrected back to flag - shoe untied, but not stopping to retie [2:17]
18. N to bridge crossing, then over [2:27]
F. not a bad time for running 2nd half blind - Peter around 69 minutes, Randy Hall at 70, J-J at 80. [0:41 - good run, but if I add copy time from last week, I still can't run as fast as Peter - damn....]

Total Time Lost - 00:11:55

Split Analysis

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