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Race Evaluation

Gay City: Blue


1. +01:004:00 for map copying, 2:08 for leg. Part of the time copying was because I was the first starter on Blue, and the pen didn't work -- had to go steal one from the registration table.
5. +01:30Apparently drifted left, and found the wall/fence transition 250 m E of the control. Couldn't find anything on the map that looked like that when I was out there (and I don't remember seeing a clearing just beyond it. Continued west (cautiously) and found the wall just S of the control.
7. +05:00Attacked from the spot where the trai crossed the wall, and actually went directly to the correct spot, but didn't see the relevant boulder. I did see the pair to the SW and the trickle, but there was so much rock there that I surmised I was at the stony area 100 m NE of the control. Headed SW, but saw the ride out ahead of me, turned around, and come back to the same spot, but this time I saw the boulder and flag.
8. Over the top, but drifted right some and found myself at the bunch of large boulders E of the control.
10. +02:00Up, across and to the stone wall, but then I circled a bit, not initially looking far enough to the NE from the wall end (couldn't see the rocks for the ferns).
12. +02:00Ran off the map. Too hasty going downhill, and there's not much to go by. Found the N-S wall 100m N of the control, and in from there. Should have followed the marsh edge.
13. Found myself motoring uncontrollably up the hill -- can't remember that ever happening before!
15. +00:30South to marsh, crossed trail, hoping I was in the gap W of the line, but quickly realized I was heading out onto the peninsula. Corrected before I got far enough to see the big boulder, and got myself into the correct corridor.
16. +01:30So sloppy. Right of the line, across the trail, and crossed the stream about where the little pond is stuck to it. Read my way from there by boulders, but drifted left, saw the stone wall, and had to turn right. Heard somebody coming as I was leaving.
17. A smidge to the right as I got there, but guessed correctly which way to turn. Saw that the somebody was Peter, hot on my heels.
18. Straight, trying to stay ahead of Peter. Crossed the stream at the base of the dam on a few stones.
F. I was definitely Mr. Erratic today. But I made it up to Newton, MA in time for the canoe-O, and Aims and I turned in a time taht was 30 seconds faster than my Gay City time (though with no map copying).

Total Time Lost - 00:13:30

Split Analysis

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