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Race Evaluation

Gay City: Blue


1. +04:424:42 to copy the map; 2:20 on the leg, apparently it is an acquired skill. Like J-J, I had to scuffle around for a pen that worked, but at least I did not have to queue up waiting for the guy in front of me to finish whilst the clock was running, like I did last time ...
2. trail by the river. Banged my bad knee pretty good, last time took me 6 months to fully recover -- this time seems to be superficial, (we hope)
8. over, specifiically over the right form line. We like climbing extra lines, its good training ...
9. +02:00hit the marsh at an awkward spot and had to go around to the right. I was just thinking to myself how easy it seemed as I make a two minute mistake. To add injury to injury, I pick up my second one as I cut my leg on a tree that appears cut by beavers. I didn't realise how sharp they cut those things. I also sort of bungled the attack of the thing, or, more accurately, found it ok without being in contact
10. Never saw any of the rock features on the way to the circle, but did see flag. Better to be lucky than good
12. +00:30ran off the map
13. straight
14. +00:20I always boom short legs. Again to the right. I wonder if my compass is still on Kazakhstan time ...
15. Straight on a beautiful deer trail that was going in the right direction, then to the right of the long marsh, indistinct trail, then in. This was the first leg I really felt in sync
16. straight. The "safe" route on the trail just seemed too expensive
17. +00:30I boomed this one to the left (my normal hook). Good to know that my compass is back to normal.
18. straight, on that trail that sort of died

Total Time Lost - 00:08:02

Split Analysis

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