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Race Evaluation

QOC: The Beer Chase: Long


1. I think I was 3rd or 4th out of the start having downed my beer quick because I was already thirsty--this would get me later. Behind Dave Onkst, I ran around the house before circling the fenced field like the others. Everyone else cut in the woods quick but I stayed out a little longer for a better break in the brush and consequently got there first.
2. I thought about going left on the road but everyone else went straight. I didn't want to lose contact this early. Chasing Dan Quinn, we hit the marsh, went around, then paused at a clearing. Jon, a slower drinker at first took the lead from there. I got to the control 3rd.
3. Jon lead us a short hop straight there.
4. +00:15Blindly going where everyone else did, we crossed the reentrant but were 90 degrees off (north of D) while trying to go to B. Ted seemed to go north leading others. I realized what happened, started down to B and then was reasurred with the sight of Jon Torrance ahead going the same way. I got there just behind him in second.
5. +00:15B to C was short and quick but when Jon and I got there, we wasted time hunting for the punch. After punching the map, I found it on the tree instead of on the man made object. The others caught us by then.
6. C to D. I went straight, going down, up (where I hesitated)and down. I saw Jon split off headed C to E. Maybe staying in the reentrant for my C to B route would have been better?
7. D to E. Marek appeared out of nowhere and got there before me on the short straight leg.
8. I was behind Marek who went straight while I contoured a little.
9. +00:10I passed Marek on the flat but was a bit left. I stopped at the right distance and saw Ted headed right there. Dave Onkst asked where I was going as I corrected the error.
10. +00:20I chased after Ted and Dave. I knew we were going a bit too far right after leaving the trail. When we hit the marsh, I really knew it but didn't correct enough. I plunged in and others followed. It ankle deep but wasn't muddy. At the reentrant, Dave inexplicably crossed. I paused, cut right and Ted went left to the control. I realized after a few steps that I was at the ditch north of the control, turned around and chased after Ted.
11. I realized I'd need to pace myself and was already feeling the beer slosh around. Headed into the map exchange, Jon was already running back past us in the field
12. Beer split. This beer didn't suck down so easy. I really felt the bloat.
13. Chasing after Ted, I ran calmly, pacing. We used the trail, then cut across the white woods hitting the big reentrant south of 11. Ted realized it somehow and went to it. I think some others on the medium course were coming back.
14. From 11 Ted and I went to H, going somewhat straight. Marek and Dave Onkst closed some distance.
15. From H, I chased after Ted across the reentrant toward I, not gaining much. On the hill, I angled uphill more gradually and gained. Ted was wide left when I saw it. Ted corrected ahead of me and got there first.
16. Wanting to be careful, I chased Ted toward J but wanted to aim off to the right a bit. We hit the big reentrant and turned left toward J after a pause. Dave and Marek caught us. Seeing Ted pass the reentrant, I went in behind him and punched. Dave and Marek followed Ted.
17. As I went from J to K, Ted and Dave turned around going K to J, tacking on extra distance.
18. I wanted to be careful but ran straight from K to L. I was a bit left of the control but as I saw it, I surprisingly saw Marek approaching it, knowing that he hadn't gone to J.
19. Ahead of the crew, I ran cautiously again, forgoing speed for accuracy and hit #17 just a bit to the right of dead on.
20. I paced myself back to the map exchange, feeling the effects of the beers. Rather than cut across the woods, once I hit the trail, I used it to the field.
21. Beer Split. Another tough to get down beer, I finished just before Ted got there.
22. After I hit the trail, I surprisingly saw Jon Torrance headed the opposite direction along the shore. At first I thought that there must be a course problem and that he was going back to tell them so they could correct it. A few steps later, I saw the control from the trail, cut in and punched to take the lead.
23. I used the trail but cut to the field so that I wouldn't miss it. I could hear Jon closing some distance.
24. I ran pacing again, confident of where the control was but unable or unwilling to muster a harder effort. Near the end, Jon caught me. I sprinted ahead to punch first.
25. In the field I just couldn't run better. Jon caught and passed me a short way before we cut in to the marsh and punched.
26. I just wanted to protect 2nd mostly but harbored some thought to out-drink Jon at the end by not being out-of-breath too badly. Jon pulled away as I stumbled on to the barn.
27. I really should have been running harder but was tired and sloshed.
28. Beer Split. I had to take this one in two breaths, almost barfing it. Ted got there about when I was leaving.
F. A huge uncontrollable belch (At first I thought I really was going to lose it all) gave relief and got me to the finish.

Total Time Lost - 00:01:00

Split Analysis

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