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Race Evaluation

QOC Snakehead Sprint: Sprint


1. I've been switching back and forth between watches lately so when I started mine, I hit the wrong button. I fumbled with it across the field to the start triangle but got it started after 7 seconds. Distracted I forgot to take a split.
2. +00:15I hadn't been watching where people were going after the start triangle much but when Dave Onkst said Clem took a funny route going left. I was inclined to go right. At the triangle, I fumbled w/the map locating the start triangle and number 1. It seemed like an eternity to get going with those remaining watching. I went almost straight up across the woods bearing right a bit to stay out of the green. At the control location, I first passed the intersection and looked on the right. Not seeing it, I came back and found it on the left.
3. +00:20Still flustered I took off toward the neighborhood on the wrong path. I turned it around and settled down...
4. I took the trail forgoing the field and lacking confidence that I'd find a good opening in the brush at the edge of the trees. At least this one was where I thought it'd be.
5. Down the paved trail to the dirt trail on the left; then right at the bottom. Near the control, the trail forked again and I stayed right when it was on the left.
6. +00:30On the way to #5, I decided to try to cut across the woods a little. It was slow and I ended-up barely cutting the corner at all. I was sucking air up the hill and at first knew the dog park was not where I wanted to look. The trouble was, I didn't see a building from the approach so I cut left any way and looked at the corner of the parking lot mistaking the two on the map.
7. I stayed on the trail the whole way to #6, foregoing temptation.
8. Straight there to #7 but I didn't see it right away as I expected. Along the way I was looking at the route to #8.
9. I made good time on the trail, not pausing at any intersections. I passed Darcy Good, then hugged the fence to the control.
10. +00:30I glanced the route to #9 and thought it'd be just before the lake. I stayed along the fence too long. I overshot the intersection and arrived at the lake before rereading and turning around. The guy I passed earlier had already punched and Darcy was just getting there.
11. I chased after the guy I saw at #9. He passed the control just before I caught him but I saw it through the fence.
12. +00:15I went up the correct trail but was hesitant before the bend where a retaining wall was. I looked on my right but didn't see it nor the rocks on the map. I turned around in the open area and saw it on the way back.
13. Up the trail and left on the dirt trail to the control.
14. Down the road, passing Heidi Onkst just before the control. She went right and I went straight but cut right and got there first.
15. +01:00I glanced at the map while on the run to #14. It looked like it'd be just off the tracks so I cut up and ran along the tracks. I was unsure where I was along the slowly curving train tracks and overshot getting about 50m past the control. Coming back, I saw Heidi leaving the control area. Feeling foolish, I didn't repeat the clue word in my head as I left this control and would later have trouble remembering it.
16. I chased Heidi and another guy, almost missing that I had to go to #15. I passed the guy and got there just behind Heidi.
17. I ran not feeling very strong up the grade. I cut over at the start triangle and spiked it.
F. A bit disapointed and a little tired, I didn't run very hard at first.

Total Time Lost - 00:02:50

Split Analysis

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