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Race Evaluation

RMOC 1000 Day: Stampede


1. As in many mass start events, I found myself behind Ted Good (and Eddie Bergeron) while the mass of the crowd went right around the marsh. The marsh was okay. I hit the ridge east of the control and went in.
2. Following the crowd, I went right of straight. After crossing the marsh I angled up and in.
3. +03:30I stayed high partly contouring around the first reentrant then dropping down After the next, I climbed the spur to the open, then changed my mind with the climb seeming too high that way—everyone else was staying low too. As I did and watched others, I missed the reentrant junction and went up the wrong way with most others. My group with Ted Good, Jonas Fast and some others went all the way up the reentrant into the tree cover before figuring it out. We ran back down and crossed the ridge, cut right and in.
4. I chased Jonas Fast and saw Peter Gagarin way ahead. Crossing the next marsh, I was a bit left but kept straight. I cut right and saw Ted on track already having punched ahead.
5. I cut right a bit chasing Ted, Jonas and Peter.
6. I started to go around to the right and passed Peter. Realizing it was too much climb, I cut left and made-up ground on Ted on the spur going downhill. At the bottom I crossed the reentrant but generally stayed low. I saw the first knoll on the right above me but thought it was the one near the control. I slowed but kept going. Eventually Steve Gregg took off to my left and I recognized the terrain chasing him.
7. Steve went straight while I cut a little right for less climb and better running. I crossed the marsh first but was slow going up to the control. It seemed far away. Ted Good reappeared ahead and I made-up some ground on him climbing.
8. Inclined to take the road, I started that way but decided it was better to chase Ted going right around the Start/Finish knoll. Other Boris was on the finish climb as we crossed paths. Ted got a little low as I headed in. Jonas Fast and Steve Gregg came along too. I later found out that Ted had twisted an ankle.
9. I was slow taking off. Jonas and Steve went right there.
10. I went high initially and was unsure of the rocks visible. I slowed while Jonas and Steve were below moving on. The correct rock became visible. I got there behind Jonas and ahead of Steve. I looked for the second punch but couldn’t find it on the string. Meanwhile Steve came in and got the punch Jonas had left so I punched after him.
F. I felt okay the first several steps catching and passing Steve. Near the top I slowed and came-up short of pulling Jonas in.

Total Time Lost - 00:03:30

Split Analysis

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