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Race Evaluation

Estabrook Woods: Red


1. Trail then bearing
2. +00:25fell off line of spur then corrected left in reentrant
3. +01:00Ran off line on rough compass and hit trail to n of small pond
4. Trail west OK
5. +00:30North around wall and aimed off to hit stream south- but too far. Straight would have been better
6. +00:15To trail to wall OK but dithered
7. OK
8. +00:15Slow and careful
9. +00:30Vague mapping - drifted right. Pace counting helped minimise overshoot
10. +01:00face plant in nasty stuff - couldn't see a thing
11. OK
12. +00:15Swim leg OK!
13. +00:30Attacked off oath junc- got south of control but corrected
14. trail to south- couldnt face swamp crossing!
15. OK
16. OK
17. +00:15Tried to follow trails round but got confused- had bearing as back up

Total Time Lost - 00:04:55

Split Analysis

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