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Race Evaluation

NEOC champs: red


1. General comments: Terrible run, actually DNF (see below). Woods seemed thicker than in the past, map harder to read. Just old age, I guess. Positive - good energy levels.
3. Slipped on some ice crossing the stream about 2/3 of way to control, came down partly on a rock on my right hip (now very sore), the rest on my back in the water. Had to retrieve my map which was floating away. But that was the fun part! Based on post-race conversations regarding what the area looked like, I think I spiked the control but didn't see the very faded flag. Back a couple more times, finally gave up and went on, cold, wet, battered, and not real happy!
4. A lot of slow woods...
5. More crappy woods. Another disaster, lots of young white pine in the area, poor visibility. Several circles before I saw it.
6. A water stopped by the road crossing. Found out at #7 I had skipped this one. Sure wasn't going back! Would have added 30-45 seconds...
7. Not the best route (trail to the right, stone wall, around marsh, in from behind).
8. Ok, just slow
9. Trail, cross road, trails to second road, in from NNW. Missed a little at control (20 sec).
10. Ok.
11. Another bad one, both on the way (got caught up in some junk on the way to the first cross trail), and at the end (coming in from West ran past about 75 meters and had to come back).

Total Time Lost - 00:00:00

Split Analysis

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