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Race Evaluation

2008 UNO Club Championships - Beaver Brook -- Brown Lane Barn,: Green X


1. down field to path @end, around to knoll/stream, & up lt grn reentrant
2. st - down reent, by knoll/path, carefully into grn
3. +00:45down to path, path run, missed it first time, too far S
4. harder leg but recalled terrain, very careful, st
5. +00:20ditto, thru grn, got to R but had that hunch & corrected
6. along path to trickle & in
7. +00:30st, read everything, ok, could have been bad
8. st, relocate on knoll after path
9. +00:15st, read everything - been here, done that
10. st, pit behind knoll - an exercise in adding splits, measuring, map route recall etc
F. path in

Total Time Lost - 00:01:50

Split Analysis

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