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Attackpoint - performance and training tools for orienteering athletes

Race Evaluation

North American Championships: Green Y


1. st, careful
2. ditto w/ path about half way
3. st, cross rd, thru grn, into open, cross marsh up on knoll & then 2nd knoll
4. st, careful
5. sw, over hi point to reentrant, to path to rd
6. st, over hi point, saw reentrant, stone piles, then more caution
7. to bldg, along wall
8. path all way to drainage, then over knoll, thru saddle &, finally, control, small reentrant, distance running out....
9. thru saddle, top of reentrant, knoll, spur, last hi pt, was a bit south at marsh
10. E to rd, to bend to path, over knoll, up grn reent, got a bit S, relocated, averted panic
11. little R of north, thru saddle, over spur, with care!
12. SW to rd, left by 2 knolls, then st N thru marshes, care at end
13. st w/ caution thru grn marsh portion
14. NW to rd, bit past water stop, knoll for AP, got to L somehow - sloppy
15. E to rd, across vague hillsdide with TP, saw big marsh, & reentrant & went N; relieved to find
16. st w/ TP
17. went to drainage, across & along to reentrant
18. st
F. finish, mixed reaction - 4' mistakes, not aggressive, sore feet

Total Time Lost - 00:00:00

Split Analysis

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