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Race Evaluation

North American Championships: Sprints: OBG Final


1. st to bldg, no surprise
2. again, to bldg & around bk
3. up path a bit & to reentrant
4. hit rd loop, around to reent
5. around on rd to ws, some care at end
6. the worrisome one - saw long VB, & opening to L, entered & control - easy to lose time here
7. path thru grn & st
8. wide open
9. N to rd, L at Y, look for opening
10. around, look to rt for VB
11. to rd & care to note opening in grn
12. st out, down rd & come in fm N
13. rd, path, spur
14. down pkng lot, up path to fld, along open to tree
15. along fld, note path & reent opening
16. to fld & care - could have lost some secs here but tracks present
F. bring it home w/ satisfaction - except for having to reenter these comments!

Total Time Lost - 00:00:00

Split Analysis

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