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Race Evaluation

Rocky Mountain 1000 Day: Day 2: Red


3. +02:00Went to the right rock but I didn't inspect it closely enough. After going on to the next, I turned back and saw it this time.
4. +04:15Got confused after my flub on #3 so I started thinking I was leaving #4 headed for #5.
6. bad route choice but I spiked it.
7. +03:00came into the yellow area but cut up 15m too soon in what I thought was a reentrant. I hunted in the wrong direction before realizing it.
9. +00:20Went to the wrong control in the open first...
11. +00:15overshot it to the left just a bit
12. +02:00took the long way round the Aspens then at the reentrant below the control I got puzzled. After going down, I came up to the control on the spur then figured it out. Steve Gregg got in before I did.
13. I went around while Steve took a straighter line. I thought I'd make up distance but it remained equal since his route was shorter. Had to wait for the punch for an old guy walking and taking his time
F. After the wait for the punch, Steve was too far ahead. I had Tom Carr coming at me from behind but luckily was warned by the crowd (thanks)and kept the distance the same.

Total Time Lost - 00:11:50

Split Analysis

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