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Race Evaluation

Mid-Atlantic Champs: Blue


1. Bad map reading
Not thinking clearly
Lacked concentration
Brain not working. Visited two other controls along the way before hitting the right one.
3. Bad route choice
Bad map reading
Stupidly ran straight for this one instead of going around. Guess the brain still wasn't working. Ended up getting my feet wet several times here.
4. Bad route choice
Bad map reading
Wanted to head north to narrow creek and they cross to narrow strip of land, but ended up veering too far east and ran across Eddie and Nick headed into #12? Finally hit the trail and from the trail bend took a straight shot.
6. Bad compass work
Bad distance judgement
Tried to do this on a straight shot but ended up veering too far to the right. Overshot it by a good 200 meters. Had to backtrack by relocating from the trail west of control.
7. The brain finally seems to be working properly. Down the trail. Paced from end of open area on the trail and then cut in.
8. Straight and then left of first finger pond.
9. Straight and between the two ponds and then button hooked around pond before control.
11. West to trail to open area and in.
12. Bad map reading
Bad compass work
Cut in from trail at end of watercourse and used compass but drifted too far right to another course's control.
13. Bad map reading
Trail to intersection and then used compass straight in. Should have veered around the stony ground, but didn't.
14. Bad compass work
Straight on compass, but drifted too far left.
15. Bad route choice
Bad map reading
Stuipidly ran straight for it thinking I could split the side of the pond and marshy area. Ended up having to backtrack to western trail and then cutting in from the bend.
16. Bad map reading
Took main trail to the east. Cut in at the small trail intersection and used compass, but misread the map and veered too far right. Had to cross back over the swamp instead of just coming in from the southern tip.
17. Crossed over main trail and took the smaller trail in.
18. Small trail to small trickle and then in.
19. Underrated difficulty
Ran straight for the big pond and was planning to skirt around it to the right and cut back in, but misread the land and ended up skirting the smaller pond to the NE of the control. Ended up relocating from the hunter's stand NW of control.
20. +00:30Down trail and cut in at the last minute. Probably should have just run straight at it.
21. Did not like map
Went northwest of the larger fenced area and discovered at the last minute that there was an unmarked fence that shut me off from the control. Had to go around. Lost about a minute.

Total Time Lost - 00:25:50

Split Analysis

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