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Race Evaluation

BOK Raven Rock Green Day 2:


2. NW on trail to just before knoll, down gully, crossed stream at cliff and across spur to control
3. Did not like map
Bad map reading
Confused parallel features
Doglegged back to trail. Came out at trail bend at top of shallow hill. Went down hill and saw a gully which was same direction as short gully before the control. Followed it down, but never saw control. Came to bare rock, relocated and up to control. Must have followed a reentrant, but it looked more like a gully to me.
4. West around deadfall and then NW across reentrant with creek. (Again did not see smaller reentrant which I thought was a gully before.) Almost overran control thinking I had another reentrant to cross when I looked to my left and saw the control.
5. Up to trail, then to indistinct trail almost to end, down spur. Came out between 2 stream bends with cliffs, and wne to left to control.
6. SE in flat area generally keeping stream to my left to where stream hit cliffs. (Probably should have run faster realizing there was a good catching feature ahead instead of reading map so closely.) Over nose of spur, past first reentrant below deadfall, and up to correct reentrant.
7. Up and down gullys and spurs, slightly high to cut down on the climb. Ended up just at top of NE gully, and down to control.
8. Up hill to trail.

Total Time Lost - 00:04:00

Split Analysis

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