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Race Evaluation

Mid-Atlantic Champs: Blue


1. Down trail to dirt piles, then straight in to control.
2. Straight to control.
3. Ran along edge until I saw pond on L, then cut to control.
4. Thought I could run straight to control, but got stopped dead by the major water hazard. Had to detour right and tiptoe across a shakey tree trunk. Never saw beaver dam on map.
5. Straight.
6. Used water as handrail.
7. Out trail and right in.
8. +04:00Exited from 7 a bit L, then detoured L around lake. Drifted further L and got well into woods around 9 before I realized how far off I was.
9. Straight between lakes to control.
10. +05:00Headed out to 11 without visiting this one. Had to go back and punch. To be fair to myself, the circle on my map is faint and missing half the line....
11. Trail
12. Trail to closest point and in from SE.
13. Took trail past lake and came in from NW.
14. Straight line to control.
15. SE to trail and then wrapped around marsh to come in from E. Control was closer to trail than shown on map.
16. Down trail and in at a 45 angle.
17. Cut over to Duval Trail and up to control.
18. Out to main trail and up. Could see flag from trail.
19. Went around pond to L.
20. Cut off trail at a 45 to control.
21. +02:00Left control and cut L around marsh -- mistake. Tried to cut through white woods and got tangled in briars -- had to reverse. Then got stuck on wrong side of fence which didn't exist and had to climb over. Not a great leg!

Total Time Lost - 00:11:00

Split Analysis

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