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Race Evaluation

QOC: Fountainhead: Blue


5. +03:00I went left to go around the private property and came up the reentrant. Things didn't match-up well as I followed a trail. I cut left up a reentrant and hit a major trail which took me left of #7 to the entrance road. Around to Hampton Rd., I cut in too soon but hit it somewhat tenuously.
9. +02:00Instead of dropping down and coming up the reentrant, I tried staying high going up and down the ribs. After crossing the trail, I thought I knew where I was but as I thought I was nearing, I hear cars to my left indicating I was too high. I kept going, cutting more south thinking I was going to see at the next reentrant at least once again before I actually hit it. Time lost was for being sketchy, not necessarily going that far out of the way.
10. +01:00I set a poor bearing to the left. Following a reentrant down, I hesitated before cutting right at the bottom and seeing the cliffs.
12. +00:40I was a bit unsure of the shoreline. Rather than hug it, I went straight, hit the bay but hunted too far west and south before coming back up just a little and seeing it.
13. I went high and saw Peggy coming up the reentrant as I was going down.
14. +01:00Catching Peggy I barrelled ahead staying high and using the ride on the ridge (unmarked on my map). I cut left at a rise in the trail to a knoll. I hadn't been checking features well as I had gotten there so I was tenuous going in. I thought I was in a reentrant before the control but didn't want to pass it so I hunted in parallel fashion there before going on. As I got to the control, Peggy got there at the same time--I let her punch first. Another guy was there just behind me too.
15. +10:00I chased and passed Peggy again. Going on the red blazed trail a way, I cut off of it as it veered left. I didn't realize I was so high and missed seeing the first bay to my left. When I got to the second bay I thought it was the first and pushed on, sometimes using the trail. I passed the control unknowingly and hit the 3rd bay thinking it was the second. An injured mountainbiker surrounded by friends at the bottom further distracted me as I plowed on and up the next hill. I got all the way to just before the road, just west of #16 before turning it around. Coming back, I stayed low and found a control for another course.
16. +01:00I stayed high and used the trail going back. I was more tired this time. Once at the road that I'd practically been to before. I cut left. I got confused not being able to match-up the parking lot--instead of being on the north side of the road as shown on the map it was on the south. I doubled back to make sure where I was then plunged into the woods to come down the spur and punch.
17. +00:15I drifted left a bit and had to come up the reentrant a little more than optimal.
F. +00:15Up the reentrant to the parking lot and in. At the finish, the tent canopy had moved from registration to the start/finish. I went to the drink/snack table and stopped before Peggy, who had finished ahead of me by 5 minutes told me the finish was at the next table.

Total Time Lost - 00:19:10

Split Analysis

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