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Race Evaluation

NEOC champs: Green


1. (Time doesn't include map copying) Like Sam, didn't see the trail on the map and took off along the road. Went a full 750m on the road, then followed a trail most of the way in.
2. Around left on trails. Spent extra time to keep feet dry crossing stream near control.
3. Headed southeast across the stream to the high ground, and the trail.
4. over the knoll
5. Straight east, reaching the marsh a little left of where planned, and jogging right to find a crossing point with some chance of keeping feet dry. Approaching the control, Steve Tarry was coming in on Red, from the south, at the same time.
6. Basically straight; saw the stone wall handrail but stayed east of it most of the way. Attacked from stone wall junction. Found the control 10 or 20 m beyond (south of) where my pace count indicated.
7. Headed west for the trail, and was probably drawn off to the right in hopes of picking up the trail sooner. Unfortunately, missed the trail, crossed the wall, and got almost to the marsh. Headed south near marsh to get to crossing point.Then along trails & road, using parking lot as an attack point.
8. West to trail, then north to road. The plan was to follow the small trails west and southwest from the road junction, but the southwest trail seemed to peter out without going anywhere but west. Headed southwest where I thought the trail should have been, and ended up looking across a marsh to the ledges where the control was nestled. The route around didn't look any good, so I headed across. Surprisingly, I didn't break through the ice! Then up the reentrant to the control.
9. +01:40Didn't read the map very well, and ended up east of where intended, crossing the marsh (on ice again) rather than on dry isthmus. Didn't realize where I had gone, and came out on the dirt road where everything looked wrong. Ran west, then east, saw Finish, then west again.

Total Time Lost - 00:01:40

Split Analysis

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