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Race Evaluation

US Night-o Champs: Red


1. Around to the left. I didn't see the trail option. My lighting system was new and the first few charges are not to be as full as subsequent ones. The charger showed only 3/4 full at that.
2. Down around the greenhouse then across the field.
3. Down around the fence and patch of brushy woods, then over to the right. I paused at the reentrant not seeing it at first. Two others were hunting and I went left where one was near to hit it.
4. Around to the right. I was hesitant to enter the woods but spiked it using the house to line up.
5. +00:10Out to the field then down along the edge. I cut in at one point thinking I saw the trail but came out when it wasn't there. I went to the end almost before cutting in and attacking off a trail bend/rock.
6. Down to the trail, left, then cutting right to the next trail, left again to the trail intersection, then right to the field and right again--not exactly the most efficient...
7. +07:30Left #6 on a bad bearing. I hit some construction which I assumed to be too new to be on the map--bad decision. Following what was the road in the corner of the map, I ran it to the end expecting it to take me to the trail. The funny thing was that for a while, I was still reading, double and triple checking the compass. It seemed I was on course initially and then realized it was going off. I basically was off the map and hit the river before wandering back to the road then crossing the woods to get to the trail.
8. Up to the trail, then right, staying on trails to NE of the control. In from there to spike it. Not exactly efficient but it worked. With the time lost on #7, I worried about having enough battery power but all was fine.
9. Up to the field and straight there. I saw it at least 50m away.
10. +00:20I started with a bad bearing but corrected 50m later. I didn't stay on the mowed trail but used it to guide me. I passed a few others before attacking off the trail bend and spiking it.
11. Up to the trail then right at the intersection. The trail ran out and I cut left only to get buried up to my chest in brush. At one point in the brush, came up to a cement wall and had trouble climbing over it. Once over, I was out of the brush and used trails to go high immediately. I didn't expect to be in the field so soon but was glad as it was fast to the control from there. Just as I got there I was blinded by a flash camera.

Total Time Lost - 00:08:00

Split Analysis

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