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Race Evaluation

US Night-o Champs: Red


1. Left through field. Didn't notice trail option until I read Nadim's comments!
3. Pretty much straight, climbing the fence twice. Surprised to find out it was plastic! When I got to the last broad hill before the control, I went too far left and found another control in a reentrant. A closer look at the map showed that I had to cross the marsh, and then I spotted the control pretty easily.
4. Around to the right. Two people were there before I arrived, and still there after I left.
5. Not sure where I cut into the woods, but I missed my intended trail and just went in somewhere and looked for a trail further in. Attacked off a trail curve, and ran into an unmapped treehouse. A quick swing around with the headlamp showed the control close by.
6. Straight through to trail loop, then followed trail to field. Drifted left in the field and came into the control from the back.
7. Straight toward it, attacked from the trail junction directly south of the control.
8. Trail looping around to the right, then around to the left, and attacked from directly west of the control. Just as I left the trail, my high beam went out. It later turned out to be a poor solder joint that failed. This headlamp is a preposterous contraption created from junk and held together with ductape, staples and hot-melt glue that I had assembled just a couple of hours before the race. But it was dirt cheap, and it kicks ass, on a par with the fancy Scandinavian stuff. Would have been nice to have still had the flamethrower right then -- I was down to a single white LED running at rather lower power than it should have, due to an design oversight on my part. There were a slew of people in the woods right there, and all I could see was lights. With the bright beam, I might have spotted the control, but instead I headed up the spur to the SW for a few steps before being able to see that it was going up way too much. Realized that all those people must be leaving the control, and quickly turned around and got it.
10. Would have been nice to have had the high beam in the field, too... I was probably a bit hesitant with my limited sight range.
11. Could have picked better trails, I think. Took the right-hand, lower option, which was okay, but I cut the corner coming into the field, and that was no bargain.

Total Time Lost - 00:00:00

Split Analysis

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