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Race Evaluation

Harriman A Meet: Blue


1. Considerably better run than Saturday. Trail to just past the ride bend, and then read my way straight in.
2. Blasted straight toward the control, read the map properly, then climbed up on the knoll just south of the control and, not having read the cluesheet, was flummoxed. Mark Prior showed up right behind me, and pointed to the boulder, saying "It's right there!".
3. Straaaaaight. Sweeeeet.
5. Along the ridge, then went to the right of the laurel blob at the end. The indistinct trail on that ridge sure is indistinct!
6. Hesitated slightly when I got to the circle, because the circle wasn't broken to show the contour detail, and I was expecting the boulder to be at the top of a reentrant. Stopped, squinted, and decided that it must be on the end of a knoll instead.
7. Straight, sucking on a packet of energy goop.
8. +01:00Pretty much straight until I hit the small trail on the far side of the green. Followed it to the larger trail, then followed that back almost to the line, and cut off at the bend. Straight in from there. But I bobbled at the very end, and stopped at the right elevation, but about 100 m too far to the left.
9. Got to about halfway between the circle and the numeral 9, and had to stop and squint a while to make sense of the map.
11. I found my thrill, on Grape Swamp Mtn... then big trail to little trail and in.
13. Found the nice route through the green
14. Surprised to see another control so close to mine, between a couple of slag piles.

Total Time Lost - 00:01:00

Split Analysis

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