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Race Evaluation

Harriman A Meet: Red


1. Down the trail then along the power lines to the top of the hill. Over from there reading the marshes on my left. When I reached the big cliffs on my right I cut left to spike it.
2. +00:40As I took off, I noticed Eddie Bergeron coming from behind. I knew we were headed to the same control so I rushed ahead. In the process I passed the control. Coming back I could see Eddied leaving it.
3. +01:00I took off straight not seeing the trail option to the right. I glimpsed Eddie some and noticed he was moving to my left. I started to lose my place getting to the power lines but could makeout the water to my left. I cut right a bit and mistook one reentrant for a similarly shaped but larger marsh. This lead me to turn left onto the wrong ridge. At the end of the short ridge there was a hut of sorts which set me straight again. Going straight I reached the correct ridge and thought I left the trail there at a rock. I used a steepening of the hillside to clue me in and saw it from 70m away.
4. I chose not to contour around partly because I've mess-up similar controls that way.
5. +02:00As I left #4 and went up the ridge I saw about 4 others headed to it. This was incentive to run fast which I did. Once I was headed downhill on the ridge I read more carefully and noticed the bend in the trail prior to the vague intersection. I cut left soon after then went along some marshy areas getting near; this wasn't efficient since it made an S-curve back toward the power lines. I figured I'd seen the high area on the power lines so I cut left a little too soon. There were many saddles in the area and I checked a few running without reading much. In the process I missed and got about to the trail before turning back and finding it not far from whence I had been before.
6. +00:15Not pleased to introduce error to a much better run than the day before I ran a good pace on a straight bearing. I corrected along the way when I saw an appropriate knoll. I was a little left but got to the right knoll. A young woman from West Point stopped me pleading her case to show her where we were on the map--reluctantly I did and lost some time.
7. +04:00My plan was to go down the spur of the ridge that #6 was on then come around the green on the flat open ground; then curling up to the control. I was quick going down and didn't pace count. The hill never seemed to flatten out enough so I fought my way through some green about 170m past where I should have. I surmised that the green had grown a bit. I realized the error once I stopped and executed a good correction back to the ridge where I could follow it around in open ground to the control.
8. +13:00Not happy about another error, and worse than #5 at that, I rushed off on a straightish bearing after Ross who had gotten to #7 from an other direction just ahead of me. Ross' line was to the right and because I'd not read the leg I didn't see he was headed to the trail. After fighting my way through the green I hit the trail and went past it trying to get to the marsh to relocate. I couldn't get through the thorns. I tried 3 separate areas. The several similar rock walls confused me. I eventually came back to the trail and ran up it to stop at a cemetary. It took me a while to find the cemetary on the map. Once I did it was easy.
9. +00:45Again not happy about another race with a big error leg I rushed out on a straight bearing. I hit a wall and followed it up right into the out-of-bounds area. Backing down I twisted through some thorns to go left around the out-of-bounds and slowly into the control.
10. Out to the road... Started to go the wrong way but corrected after half a step.
11. +00:30Remembering from the relay that some had said cutting through the thick area was not bad, I started to by looking for an opening on the left. I didn't find it until I came back to the tunnel. It was slow going through the thick area and I popped out to the left of the control.
12. Down to the road quick then across. As I ran the grassy area I saw Gail Gagarin running on the trail and worried that she might miss it. She didn't have this control.
13. Dance my way down the rocks to the trail then I picked up the pace on the parking lot.
F. I really thought I was running faster than this...

Total Time Lost - 00:22:10

Split Analysis

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