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Race Evaluation

Harriman A Meet: Red


1. +01:00Very tentative, not wanting to blow the first control (as I often do). Crossed the power line to rocky marsh, below clifs to marsh 200 S and then to spur to left of control. Stopped to read map with magnifier, then cut over right to it.
3. Missed the trail run along the ridge. Was going to go straight, but when I hit the power line N of the line, I decided taking the road and then in by way of 4 would be just as fast (and easier). But probably lost 1 to 2 minutes compared to the trail route. Saw Mike and then Dan S coming at me going from 3 to 4.
4. Good split, having just done this the other way. Makes up for some of the time lost going to 3.
5. +00:30This time I went over the ridge trail. When I got to the circle, I first went to the more distinct saddle W side of circle, then around and in. (Odd control location.)
6. +01:00Went to the knoll left and beyond the knoll I wanted. Turned around and there it was about 50 meters back.
7. Through the laurel to top. (Missed the seam, but wasn't too bad.) Easy from there thanks to the spur to the left.
8. I'd been through the laurel on a similar leg at some Highlander. I knew to go around to the trail.
9. Fast and easy from here on in.

Total Time Lost - 00:02:30

Split Analysis

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