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Race Evaluation

Harriman A Meet: Red


1. +12:00purposely much faster today; what a start, 300m to trail bend, under spur, up across power line, n to first marsh, pace wrong, e to see power line, up groove to 2nd marsh where there is a bag, pace wrong again, back to see power line then across under larger cliffs to bag
2. right of marsh
3. +02:00decided to go straighter than trail, 100m e to ridgetop, 250m nne then 800m e to last ridgetop, 200m ne to larger reentrant, then down to bag; no problem but after doing this, trail around looks better
4. +00:20hesitant
5. +07:00think 6 is next so, back past 3, get to trail 500m ssw of planned spot, all the way around to attack point, unfold map and realize I'm going to 5; 50% longer, twice the climb
6. +00:50hit hilltop 100m w
7. +01:40plan to go up white slot 300m w of bag, missed by 75m and thrashed for a while
8. +00:40big zig zag avoiding green, can't see wall
9. slow down here to end
F. no more problems; today much faster, many more errors; a glorious weekend in the woods and I don't hurt

Total Time Lost - 00:24:30

Split Analysis

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