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Race Evaluation

Scottish 6-days 2005: M55L


1. st, over ridge, sl down, right to cliffs, another 150m careful w/ 2 bldrs to help
2. contour, under cliffs halfway, additional cliff just before yellow, & careful to middle cliff
3. st, mostly up, right by 2nd rf, & up a contour to depression
4. almost st S, crosss ride into open, & rf just beyond in white
5. +02:00silly me ran down numerous contours, contouring, then up as many to get over saddle/spur & then down again - entire leg was net-gain down -
6. +00:45contour leg but was hesitant & not in control but went to it
7. open, yellow - st to, easy
8. up & up, open field, no problem - M55 Swede for company on & off to end
9. long leg, mostly open terrain - went L finishing along VB, to saddle, over knoll, to reent/CP
10. +01:45down a bit across, for a cliff - got to L, wrong cliff, more than a minute lost
11. down to ride, along to end, across grn to open marsh
12. st, down, to fence, fastish
13. open field run-in
F. skedaddle - should have been 55'

Total Time Lost - 00:04:30

Split Analysis

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