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Race Evaluation

Scottish 6-days 2005: M55L


1. +00:15first day, Euro O....pick up the marsh, wet depression, betw knoll & higher gnd to R, around spur & presto! first day, first control spiked!
2. straight, read all - up & down, noted some rocky gnd, reent, knoll, & feature was staring at me
3. L of st, lg spur to R for ease, also open, cross path, & due N around knoll, across dep to reent
4. easy, open area be4 long spur, across reent to reent on far side
5. +00:10st, across power, reent/spur/open, & up onto spur/knoll - read all
6. +00:45vague hillside, long semi open but hard to keep track of location, finally out, some rocky features & my knoll, phew! several standing around this control confused
7. long leg, cross stream/drainage to pl, pick up stream on other side to path, all way round to some 70m E, & up onto hi gnd & to feature
8. +00:15st/short, ups & downs - room for confusion
9. W to path, long haul to jct & onto hillside by quarry then st/careful across hill, reent, spur, reent/feature
10. another runner in company: to stream to marsh/knoll, & onto hi knoll to feature
11. +00:10contour round knoll across reent to cliff-like feature
12. down to path, reloc on knoll in open, careful to bldr
13. still in company: to PL hi pt, by knoll into reent leaving open
14. to fence crossing/along veb bound - pace fast, runners converging
F. skedaddle; 9th in 133!!! surprised me.

Total Time Lost - 00:01:35

Split Analysis

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