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Race Evaluation

Scottish 6-days 2005: M55L


1. visually easy map - lots of white, not a lot of contours packed together - st compass, caution, down to marsh area...knoll & reent
2. harder; flat/marshy - vagueish, esp latter half- very little to hold on to - but reent came up when due
3. st to road, go L & jump into forest, but then caution - steep w/o much of an AP - still no loss
4. +01:30up, vague - hit first path, thinking another, went L, oops, straightened out, found difficult intersections & control
5. st, "easy"
6. potential disaster but no - should have been L but hit small open area & control on vague hillside
7. more vagueness - st, caution - open area 1/3rd of way - 2 bldrs, ditch.....
8. across hillside - deling with open areas & relocating - lv last, 2 bldrs, spur, 100m, control!
9. up to open ride, to bend
10. along ride/path, hop to path, to rd, to sl bend into vagueness, to bldr.
11. easy/st
F. skedaddle - could have been faster

Total Time Lost - 00:01:30

Split Analysis

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