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Race Evaluation

Scottish 6-days 2005: M55L


1. up to rd, up hill, around knoll to sw rf
2. contouring for 300m, then down spur to vb, across drainages, over spur onto knoll to bldr
3. all contour, carefully up
4. st down, vb's helpful
5. +02:00down to rd, & up missed bldr in bracken, too hi, saw rf & bk
6. to fence crossing, along rd & to bk of thick area
7. E to rd & all way round - should have gone L of line
8. +00:15to rd, to jct, & up to top
9. right of line
10. along fence, thru eastmost gate to rd to feature
11. too short to miss:)?
12. up to corner of fld
13. rd to R, to jct & up
14. st over top
15. st, drop to cliff
16. +01:30NNE to rd, along - somehow missed vb corner
17. st/short
18. +01:00went to rd - should have stayed in woods
19. st
F. skedaddle

Total Time Lost - 00:04:45

Split Analysis

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