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Race Evaluation

JN Webster: Red


1. Bad route choice
does not include 3:08 map copy time. S of the parking lot, to path crossing, W of wall but above marshes, attacked off the distinctive spur.
2. Read map too late
overshot to R, came back from wall corner.
3. +08:00Major blunder. Confused parallel features and wandered around the borrow pit for a few minutes before relocating. Failed to find the E-W path leading to the little clearing from the large cleared area, so left to the south and circled in along the stone wall.
4. +01:30crossed the stream on a bridge, through the open field, attacked from the road SE of the boulder cluster, got one knoll too high.
5. Straight, ticking off the wall bends and corners.
6. Straight.
7. +13:00First, spent 4:47 going to the car to get a 2nd layer. Then, took the path, went left at the Y, thinking I would reuse the 8-7-8 terrain. Crossed the 1st stream S of the stone wall, ID'd the 2 distinct trees, attacked off the 2nd and missed. Flailed around a bit, noticed the stream did not match the map, bailed to the ridge line, but couldn't fix position. Eventually bailed S to the path and attacked from the south, ticking off the boulders 300m S of the plotted boulder. From the last boulder, it was about 100m by approx pace count vs. perhaps 175m expected. Aargh.
8. Past the distinct tree, N of stone wall, to path.
9. +00:30contoured W below the laurel. Overshot the reentrant by 25m.
10. contoured SE. Cut just N of the tiny oval of laurel to the southern tip of the large laurel patch.
11. +01:00S to stream, then got a bit out of contact going uphill through the laurel. relocated at the path jct, from there, over the knoll, past the distinct tree, and in.
12. +02:00WNW to road, turned left at the clearing, ran down the path looking for the bend. Didn't like the map. Jumped off the path when I recognized that I was going down a spur, relocated off the E-W wall, and came in from there.
13. NE to trail, Samantha coming in, have to be quick here to hold her off. Turned NE off the main road at the island, cut behind the camping area, followed the straight line.
F. Managed to stay ahead of S. Phew.

Total Time Lost - 00:26:00

Split Analysis

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