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Race Evaluation

US Champs: Green X Day 1


1. Took the trail along the yellow to the sharp bend, then across on compass. Mikell, on Blue, scampered off ahead of me on the trail
2. Straight.
3. +01:00This was a bit further along than I thought it would be. Hesitated a bit and drifted high.
4. Around the hill to the right, then straight.
5. +02:00East to trail, then east, south, southwest on trail, along the side between the hill and the green depression, got too far west and had to hunt for a bit. Not bad, but a better route would have ben straighter, then take the trail around to the right and close to the control.
6. Straight. Followed the long knoll on my left, saw the knoll from a distance. Easy
7. +03:00Drifted a bit right and got confused because I didn't see the narrow trail. Actually hadn't come to it yet! Finally hit it near the junction with the larger trail, then down the large trail and in.
8. +02:00Pretty straight. Up the reentrant, right of the green, across the two skid trails, down reentrant into the depression, but didn't see the reentrant across. Climbed the hill and had to hunt a bit. I must have been one reentrant too far right
9. Around the right of the marshes, left a few steps on the trail then straight. I could see the knolls from a ways off
10. R of the pear-shaped marsh, along the trail, then over and up.
11. Out to the trail on the line, along the trail to past the green, between the marshes
12. Left to the trail, then all the way up and around. A lot of extra climb, but very easy navigationally. Slow compared to a straighter route.
13. Left to the trail, past the driveway on the right and in. Probably faster to go all the way around.

Total Time Lost - 00:08:00

Split Analysis

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