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Race Evaluation

Telemark US Champs Day 1: Green Y


1. Got in too late to try the model event. Probably just as well - ignornace is bliss sometimes...Take the trail all the way around to the east of the control. Struggling with my breathing but trying to ignore it. A bit of bobble once off the trail but don't waste too much time.
2. Go straight to this one.
3. To the trail all the way to the east of the control.
4. Head for the trail but do not angle towards the control enough. End up passing over the loop of trail above the control and hit the next trail 250m away. Eventually end up back on the trail by 3 and start over.
5. Take the trail to the big T NE of the control. Try to skirt the green but end up S near the green/marsh. See that the climb is too steep here and head NW. Kris H climbs to trail here to catch me from 10 minutes behind. Find the indistinct trail below the control. Heading out to trail I run into Katleen L - catching up from 4 minutes behind.
6. Trail to the N of control and in. First fumble with a old unmapped logging road running paraleel to the trail I was aiming for.
7. Trail - go in at wrong place and end up in green. Head W to control.
8. Tentative but striaght to control.
9. Head so straight to control that I encounter the marsh head on. I skirt around it to the S. Take trail a little bit and then into the control.
10. Head to trail NW of control & encounter marsh. This one I decide to go through. After sinking to my knees, I make my way on the mossy logs. Go on trails around to the NE of cotrol and then in.
11. Trail to bend in trail W of control.
12. Trail & then angle in to hit road. Come off of road too soon and visit control at boulder below our control. Kris H catches up again here.
13. Road to control.
14. Road to lower trail.
15. Breathing heavily and slow a bit here.
F. Run hard to finish.

Total Time Lost - 00:00:00

Split Analysis

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