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Race Evaluation

JN Webster: Red


1. Does not include map copy time Left of line on trail, which became much less than represented, off stone wall int.
2. Straight on compass
3. North to wall going NE, then N along hillside which was way more green than shown, to trail, west , N on compass to bldr SW of pit. Pit is much closer to bldr than shown.
4. Was going straight, but stream looked to deepand went across bridge to bend then along wall to boulders then carefully on compass and looking.
5. Straight on compass looking for open area but realized half way that i had been heading East and needed to be a bit more SSE. Crosssed last trail and went for wall looking for high ground of control, spotted it to right of me.
6. Spent a few moments looking for trail but couldn't and went west to big trail , Took drink
7. Seemed easy enough...along big trail , saw Terry Myers,left at top of last rise ,along ridge, pace counting, veg boundary obvious, slowed angled down on bearing and pace counting, looking all around( 1 meter bldr) turned N along swamp, saw other footsteps in mush,,,got to stony ground area, turned S into marsh more... nothing , Saw Terry leving area on ridge,,,went up on ridge, N to stone wall, carefully on bearing...nothing.Up and down hillside going south finally saw it....went out of control west up ridge then paced north to stone wall .....220 meters, about 100 more than on map...a bit fumed!
8. Pretty ambiguous area but spotted logging track and made way to tree
9. S along hill climbing then W to above re entrant, S through green.
10. was compassing to trail but got thick and pickd up a animal track to south then along hill, nice woods here, to stream, down stream a bit to far then up through opening in laurel , saw boulder to west and straight in.
11. East a bit to get to N-S line of knolls, along them then across marsh to distinct tree which had a control then up onto form line hill, seemed a bit off and hill was not as expected, seemed more like a nose.
12. A bit N of line through buildings then curve up hill to road. Couldn't relocate on road, figured i go and find swamps and hill ......big mistake was too far east and just made a big loop , back to road then down to open area and down trail, which is obvioulsy what I should have done the first time,,, What was i thinking????
13. Just run hard to field on roads
F. Saw Sam standing around at finish, she had started 3 minutes AFTER me...

Total Time Lost - 00:00:00

Split Analysis

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