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Race Evaluation

Telemark US Champs Day 1: Green Y


1. Slow to get into map. Along trail (pondered trail to L but) up to corner and down a bit to contour around spur across tr and in
2. Contour around spur past depr and little hill.
3. Down reent to tr past junc, around depr and over little spur to bag.
4. Over hill into reentrant, across tr, along marsh.
5. +01:00The only real bobble of the day - went R of line around depr to tr. Crossed to R of spur along depr thinking was in reent to L. Hit trail and didn't look right. About to go R (north) but looked even worse so checked L and worked. Ran trails to indist and in.
6. Back to tr and basically straight up, over end of long hill and could see bag from there. Scramble down.
7. R on small tr, around to line and up reent and around a bit too far as visualizing a reentrant. Realized was a spur and crossed and climbed.
8. Straight - highish along marsh, across depr near reent, down edge of reent across long depr and up reent.
9. Contoured around depr to end, over col, L around marsh over little hill around 2nd marsh to TR, R on tr to slight bend trying to get by mt bk suv, and in on brg L of depr.
10. R of long skinny depr, slightly L to betw marsh and deep depr to tr, L at junc around hill, in along marsh trying to out sprint Lyn - couldn't;}
11. Trail to bend, up along hill top veering R looking for spur. Didn't see it but ran along depr on L to reent.
12. Followed line along edge of depr to tr, R to small tr on L, around big depr to bag
13. To trail on L around beyond driveways on L and short in.
14. Back to trail, 2nd R trail and followed around straight to bldg.
F. Funny - looking at this it all sounds like made up after the fact, but it really did seem to flow and could read the terrain. One of those weekends. Now to see if can do it again.

Total Time Lost - 00:01:00

Split Analysis

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