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Race Evaluation

WMOC Prolog Vienna: Blue


1. +01:00all on paths, some uncertainty, not being exactly careful & a little run around nr control
2. W to path, & cont'd paths to AP, maybe 50m fm control
3. +00:30paths & then uphill to feature - hard to figure out on map
4. +00:20ditto: paths to w/in 25m but hard to figure out feature
5. st to hi pt
6. +00:45down across paths, AP 30m fm control
7. path to big reentrant, along stream, could see feature area fm some distance
8. all about paths as in city environs, then 150 up, over down in woods to small dep
9. +01:00paths to w/in 40m but bit confused with contour depiction
10. round to R, pit, confused....
11. SW to rd/open/park area, then due S fm VB
12. round to L, & up to dot knoll - prob better to R
13. st, read detail - which was hard to do
14. +01:15ditto: was too far to L
15. long rd/path, AP 20m fm control!
16. short, hard to read what was what
17. sl less so
18. right by road/fld
F. skedaddle - another path-based O map/experience; Pavlina 54+, Hugh Moore 55+.

Total Time Lost - 00:04:50

Split Analysis

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