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Race Evaluation

JN Webster: Red


1. Note: this is a DNF. When I got home, I realized I never went to the go control. Would have added about 30-40 seconds.
3. +00:45When I got to the trail S. of the control, I wasn't sure which it was, so I hopped over to the open area, and back in on the trail to the N.
5. +00:30Got a bit confused at trail junction before the control, and briefly headed the wrong way.
7. Fortunately, my route along the edge of the marsh took me right to it, though it came up quicker than it should have. Maybe 50 m. south of where it is mapped?
8. +00:30A lot of hesitation until I hit the ride, which took me right to it.
10. I blasted due south to the trail, then contoured around the reentrant. Maybe straight is faster?
11. +00:30I was right on line, but stupidly decided to check out the control on the tree. Some hesitation near the control.
12. +00:10Past the building to trail junction. Then stupidly started heading south to bend, then east to road. Open area and trail were in sight.
13. Never saw the circle for the go control on the map. Like a horse getting near the stables. Would have helped if I had drawn lines between the circles, and circled the start/finish area. At least I had a PR on map copy time!

Total Time Lost - 00:02:25

Split Analysis

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