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Race Evaluation

WMOC 2006: M60-3, qual #2


1. +01:30ne to rd, rt on path - was not careful counting spurs - had to return some 90m! for certainty then ok - slow, sure & steady
2. short, uphill reent to L
3. wsw to rd, paths to last jct, ap 100m away, bit risky - small rf, but got it
4. down sev contours, picked up path, ap jct, control 60m away
5. st, read everything>tiny rf
6. sorted out paths to final jct then due W across 2 ditches
7. +02:45never quite figured out my badness - but missed, relocated sw of the control nearly 100m - leg is 210m...
8. st, over hi pt midway
9. hardtop thru ws, ok
10. some difficult path picking, emerged unscathed
11. +00:45went round about
12. over hi pt to S, picked my way in
13. short, mix of paths & contour reading
14. +02:15way dumb rc to right - down & up idiocy - had I gone L, would have contoured
15. picked my way thru paths & green ok
16. marked route
F. skedaddle - lackluster stuff....

Total Time Lost - 00:07:15

Split Analysis

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