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Race Evaluation

Gauteng Colour Coded Wits University: BROWN


1. +00:05felt slow copying down - and slightly disorientated passing the start control. i was expecting the olive to be flower beds and would be able to see the building, but the were high trees obliterating the building from view. had to relocate
2. +00:30very slow here - still disorientated and the stairs and bridge threw me a bit as there was no underpass marked on the map. Also got to a fence that seemed as though it should have been uncrossable, but wasnt on the map. threw me totally and had to relocate within sight of the control. turned out the fence was marked cross-able wall and i had drawn my circle over it. jumped it anyway.
3. +00:10still slow here getting into the scale. very bad seeing as we had the map to warm up on! also was heitant going up the hill as my ankle was still not yet warmed up properly.
4. easy control - just needed to run fast.
5. +00:15route choice here - it seems i took the wrong route south with more complex navigation and some ascent and decent. North would have been 15 seconds faster. the GPS track will show if it was perhaps running speed on the open section that was lacking.
6. +00:03OK was hesitant into the control and hadn't planned my exit angle yet when i punched.
7. +00:05hesitated planning my route to the next one.
8. OK
9. +00:05started running out of legs here - and the heart rate started maxing out as well. walked up the stairs
10. hesitated checking the underpass but generally a good leg.
11. +00:05wanted to run through the field, but didnt see the gate facing backwards. i think i hadthe right route choice in the end, just ran out of legs approaching the control to plan my exit. the fence seemed in the way
12. +00:10lost time trying to match the map to the new fence. maxed out heart rate running up the hill and again walked up the small flights of stairs next to the parking lot.i blame fitness!
13. went south route choice without hesitation
14. +00:05went north route choice and got a bit flustered as the map didn't match the buildings. the map indicates we whould be able to run south of the road, but i was forced onto the road by 2 walls. South may have ended up quicker - but i know nick went south and was slower.
15. Tired
raced Dan who punched 14 with me. never saw him but i walked up the long flight of stairs and jogged into the control. nothing left in the legs for the uphill.
16. went through the underpass. ran well - it was downhill...
17. +00:10took the north route choice - and had my control circle in the wrong place. hesitated therefore. had my circle been int eh right place i think i would have gone south.
18. ok - just running out of juice. i did run up the stairs...
19. good route choice - jumped a crossable fence that should be marked uncrossible. jogged into the control however while deciding on the next route choice.
20. +00:05went south over the big overpass. just ran out of juice at the end of the leg and had to avoid some pedestrian traffic at the top of the stairs
21. +00:05long leg with little juice left in the legs. slowed to a walk through the marked crossing point to read my map and check control number.
F. long run in was lung collapsing with a 191 HR at the finish.

Total Time Lost - 00:02:13

Split Analysis

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