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Race Evaluation

NEOC Powissett: Blue


1. +01:30Not a good start. Stopped for 15 seconds at the trail junction before turning because it did look like the map. Then, the center of my circle was on the spur well above the stone wall. I went there, nothing. Wandered, nothing. (Jeff has a reputation for hiding controls!) Noted the clue was "lower". Finally hit me it was off the spur at the bottom on the other side of the stone wall. (Would a circle with an L off the north side be a better clue?) Dean caught me at the control, presumably having made up a minute on me (maybe two!)
2. +00:30Went straight with Dean. Even though the woods are mapped as open, I should know better. Ran into nasty vegetation, getting tangled up in some vines. Trail to the right would have been faster and smarter.
3. +00:30Was too far right, so I took the trail for a bit - a bit too much, as I realized i was climbing again, and had to backtrack. Dean had caught up here, but I lost him for good heading to four.
4. +00:15Did a 180 leaving the control, but caught it right away (for a change). I went straight, and met someone at the control coming from the right. He confirmed the control number was wrong, so I didn't waste any time worrying about it.
5. +00:30Took the trail to the right, planning to leave the trail where I could contour right to it. But left the trail too early, climbed a bit, and then had to drop back down to the flat area.
6. To right of the green, then along the stone wall. Some more nasty vegetation.
7. +03:00Why do I blow these short legs? Crossed the trail too far left, the terain obviously wasn't right, so I cut right, but I was already past it and hit the trail. Wanted to be sure where I was, so I went to the junction with the two boulders and back in.
8. +02:00Met Jeff at the control and we started for 8 together. I should have just stayed with him (it's his map, and he obviously knew where he was going!), but I decided to go to the trail behind it and back in, thinking we were further south than we were. Then I went too far down the trail and had to come back for it.
9. I thought straight might have bad vegetation, so I went to the trail and back in along the top of the eastern knoll. Jeff was leaving the control saying "that's not it, we want a cliff". I told him we wanted a saddle. He was using the red clues.
10. I took the trails to the left, straight east between the marshes, and around the green. I spiked it, but I was very slow in the thick vegetation, and some hesitation.
11. A bit too far right, along the stone wall, but corrected easily.
12. Trail sweeping southwest. Attacked just before the junction, past the cliff facing east, then contoured right to it.
13. Right of the big depression.
14. Left the trail just right and angled right to it.
15. +00:30I went northwest to the trail, thinking the ride might not be runnable. When I crossed the ride, I saw that it would have been faster. Right of the boulder, then some hesitation in the intricate terrain and went slightly past on the left.
16. +00:30Another bad compass bearing on a short leg. Hit the trail near the junction, then slid over.
17. +00:30Left the East-West trail too late, and just cut corner to the North-South trail, then back in for it (through some more nasty vegetation).
18. Wasn't sure which cliff -- clue was middle, but there were about six cliffs in the circle. But I figured it was near the top, and I saw the flag as I was approaching.
19. +00:30Trails, then up the ride to the line then straight at it. Saw Jeff standing straight ahead looking at his map, then he took off to my right. I figured he had just spotted ithe flag so I veered right to follow him. Actually, the flag was where he was standing.
20. +01:00I never saw the indistinct trail, so I just headed due east hitting the trail north of the trail junction at the knoll. Didn't feel like climbing over the knoll to the right trail (or backtracking to the junction) so I headed north, then a right turn. When I attacked off the trail, I got confused which circle I was heading for and I first went to number 4 again, and even punched, before I realized I wanted a boulder further north on the side of a big hill. Punched again in the next free space.
21. +00:15Left the trail a tad early, and paid for it with some extra thick vegetation.

Total Time Lost - 00:11:30

Split Analysis

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