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Race Evaluation

Scottish Six Days Tay 2009: M60L


1. first day, first leg...find a rte thru grn, and along it - & carefully up white slope to cp
2. to reent, rt to top, to ride, to bend, thru grn - got to rt, but figured it out, got to spur - phew!
3. st, lots of grn, picking way thru open patches; to hi knoll
4. st, mixture of contours hi pt, & to next/last hi pt
5. st - down, upto backbone of hill, & down to rf
6. st compass, cross stream, picked out reent
7. cross top of open marsh, over knoll onto next knoll, reent to rt
8. to trail, careful to find open area, reent, careful up to second knoll - lots of grn
9. down & up over top - all grn & down over knoll w/ open top, by cliffs, to feature at end of open area
10. +02:30dumb - - hung a L halfway & spent too long looking in a dumb area - finally figured it out
11. to path & over hi pt to reent - fast for a change
12. grn slash open for the most part - contours easy to see
13. +02:45another major league dummy - ran by control, not concentrating - folowing a fellow who I thot would see it first- reloc 120 m beyond
14. all in open
15. ditto - move along
F. skedaddle

Total Time Lost - 00:05:15

Split Analysis

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