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Race Evaluation

CNYO/EMPO Halloween Howl Day 1: blue


1. As a general note, I'm not very good at estimating lost time. Following pack.
2. Following pack.
3. Did not plan ahead
Did not check features en route
Read map too late
Bad compass work
Bad distance judgement
Lost the pack at 2. Wasn't really into the map yet and not concentrating well. I tried to follow the edge of the green and when I got to the trail I wasn't confident that I knew where I was. I assumed I was correct and apparently I was right.
4. Hesitated
Unused to terrain
I went down to follow the marsh and couldn't figure out where the edge of the marsh was until I realized I was in the marsh. So then I was fine until I had to leave the marsh, and I left it early, ending up a bit south of the actual control, but I saw people at the control so it didn't cost me much time.
5. Bad map reading
Bad distance judgement
I was trying to go straight to the trail, but I thought the trail was right when the terrain dropped off, so when I got to the drop off I wasn't sure what was going on. Eventually I read the map and was ok, but I should have read the map closely immediately when I was unsure.
6. Bad route choice
Did not follow plan
I intended to go straight through the green, which I think I should have done, but when I got to it it seemed better to try to go up and follow the strip of white, which I did.
9. Bad compass work
Disturbed by others
I got to the trail intersection, and I intended to compass bear to the control, but fell a bit low, then saw another control, which I knew was not mine but felt I should check anyway. Then I relocated and went straight to the control.
13. Probably should have gone straight, but I followed the road instead.
14. Bad compass work
Came down to the road at the wrong point, to the east of the intersection I had intended

Total Time Lost - 00:02:50

Split Analysis

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