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Race Evaluation

CNYO/EMPO Halloween Howl Day 1: blue


1. Second individual start after the mass start relay. Started three minutes after Randy. Having seen the direction the mass start headed, I had no problem spiking the control.
2. Hesitated
No problems, although I wasn't quite sure what was going on with the way the top parking lot was mapped--it looked a little strange compared to the map and I hesitated a bit trying to figure out what was going on.
3. Bad map reading
To trail bend (although I over ran the bend and continued on for a few steps)and then around the green and straight at the control. Never saw the second trail when I crossed it. Was surprised at how shallow the reentrant looked. Had misread the formline as another contour. Still made it to the pine tree/veg boundary just N of the control and headed in. Got a little help from seeing the line that Randy was taking out of control # 3 on the way to #4.
4. Bad compass work
Straight, but ended up drifting left about 30 meters to the side. Still, I stopped at the right pace count and looked right and saw the clearing.
5. Bad compass work
Attempted straight, but ended up crossing some of the marsh at the end and finally ended up a little south of stream. Relocated from there quickly.
6. Straight, trying to find the white woods, but did not. Stopped and attacked from pine tree/veg boundary just south of the control. A female cadet followed me in.
7. Straight through the light green area and spiked the control. Hesitated a few seconds, however, heading in because the control did not look like it was at the NE of the marsh, but rather, somewhere in the middle. Still, no real problems.
8. Straight, no problems.
9. Bad compass work
I attempted to go straight, but like nearly everyone, ended up being drawn down the hill. After seeing Green's control at the small stream/root stock near my line of attack, I realized I was too low and headed up to the pine tree/veg boundary and stopped and figured out what was going on.
10. Bad compass work
Attempted straight, but ended up about 25 meters left, but knew what I had done and headed in.
11. +00:20Drifted down to rootstock just NE of control and relocated from there and headed on in.
12. Underrated difficulty
It was all over for me here after this control. Got overconfident and thought it would be no problem. Headed in on the right line and hit road intersection about 100 meters NW of control. However, despite executing correctly, I started concentrating on others (and just running as fast as I could--BIG MISTAKE) and what they were doing. Consequently visited three other controls (running like a chicken with its head cut off) until figuring out what I had done.
13. Just tried to crank it out and not lose too much more time. Went off road intersection just N of control. Made it a point to look and see where # 14 was so that I could get into it quickly.
14. Having checked out the positioning of the control on the road run into # 13, no problem.
15. Having a problem sorting out the contorl circles in the final area. I didn't actually see the circle for # 15 (but thought I knew where the control was) and just thought that # 16, was a go control on the beach down near the finish. Box didn't beep the first time I punched it and had to take a couple of steps back to repunch. Greg B was there saying "Don't go too fast" (which I interpreted to mean don't punch so fast that it doesn't register). Turned and started to crank to Finish/16
16. Underrated difficulty
Read map too late
Bad map reading
I didn't pay enough attention to placement of control # 16 headed in. I thought it was down at the end of the beach, which is why I just cranked down to the area. After punching # 15, Greg was saying something like "There's another control" and/or "Look at your map," but I didn't get the clue. It was until I was a the edge of the beach and heard everyone saying "there's another control" that I figured out what was going on. I know the scene was very entertaining for people.
F. Almost over ran the chute by going back through the picnic tables since there was a rope there. Did not like the way the chute was set up with only 1 streamer set, not two.

Total Time Lost - 00:05:35

Split Analysis

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