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Race Evaluation

CNYO/EMPO Halloween Howl Day 2: Red


1. Hesitated
up trail to junction, cutting into woods at little bump. Had a good line, but when I crested hill, I noted a more pronounced reentrant to the R (hidden under circle), hesitated ran toward E side of circle, the changed mind and came back
2. straight on line to trail, around marsh on trail to water tower, then diagonally upslope through white woods, passed Gari at top of slope and then traversed top of slope to 2nd reentrant. Although Gari started 1 minute ahead of me, I caught him here, but sadly, that would be the last time I saw him.
3. Bad route choice
rather than slide down steep slope, I ran hard along top in good woods looking for best crossing route. Popped over and through coming where trail and powerline cross in clearing. Decided to climb early from here and run the top of the slope rather than the trail below. Bad choice in retrospect. Saw #9 off to R and made a mental note of terrain features - especially oblong knoll - for later use. Crappy rocky footing up here
4. +00:45pretty much straight on the line, but slow going in rocky ground. Hestitated before cliff to verify my position before heading up around and in without problem
5. +00:30cruised downhill, around edge of marsh and across shallow part of ravine, picking up trail. Looking for small knoll (never saw it) but realized trail was going up larger hill, cut back and down into reentrant without issue
6. Ran too fast
Bad map reading
Straight across road, but had trouble reading contours under control circle and wound up N of control, backtracked to flag after stopping to study map carefully
7. nice fast woods on even contour, so ran up to top of ravine, then into field and attacked from field corner, roundabout but probably the fastest option for me.
8. +00:30well left of line staying in white woods turning R downhill when I saw pavilion coming up in distance. Got into green and slowed down to verify my location, a little hesitant going in, description did not indicate which part of reentrant
9. straight to middle of parking lot in L green, should have gone toward trail but missed reading it. crossed 157 at W end of parking area, and took trail up the hill to marsh. Opted to follow the edge of the open marsh (yellow) vs green marsh assuming the vegetation would be most passable at that point. Correct assumption and marsh was fairly passable at that junction. Right over white hill and then straight up the hill on line picking cleanest line through cliffs. Came out on top right beneath my oval knoll from #3 earlier, then straight to flag from there. Good leg.
10. +01:30Crappy footing leaving, drifted left, coming out on Beaver Dam Road near power line due S, ran hard on road to crossover point and as I headed into woods, saw Ernst coming out of woods behind. He started well ahead of me I think?? Anyway, past rocky pit, up to marsh, around and in.
11. Lacked concentration
Followed by others
BOOM. Pushing hard trying to stay ahead of Ernst, went too high, then coming down woods seemed to get quite green, but in fact I was still in white woods - relocated twice, one back up to forest boundary/veg edge above and finally to confluence of ravines NE of control - this really blew my confidence, Ernst no where to be seen
12. just left of line, picking cleanest running at this point, across field and road and into woods by distinct boulder - remembering meet notes about using fissures as linear features, I pushed hard due N until the fissure boundary appeared quite obviously in the woods, turned R along the edge staying in the fast woods, then turning left when I saw some distinct contour happenings to the L. Very clean given the lack of obvious attackpoints
13. +00:45straight, but slow due to crappy footing, came out at clearing, then down to swamp, contours quite vague to me, hesitated a minute before noticing wall to my L and then moving right to control from there
14. +01:30thought about crossing marsh, but it looked pretty slow, so ran trails around - quite fast, up steep slope but ran up too far and got into white hole above, correcting back downhill through rocky crap to cliffs
15. +00:30along beneath contours ok, but then things looked really vague, not much of a reentrant, but got up there ok.
16. Tired
straight on line in first half, then along top of slope in second half. Noted a lot of commotion at bottom of hill near control, at least a dozen or so people, heard an ATV and sirens in distance. Considered heading down to assist since my race was shot, but decided that there seemed to be a lot of people on hand, so I continued on slowly. Didn't realize it was Gari, though there was doubtfully anything I could have done at that late arrival. Didn't get the news until I finished..
17. Tired
White woods to road, then road to flag - definitely a faster route
18. Tired
didn't read map well, left of brook, then had to fight across to trail, once to white woods, up into reentrant to top of hill, searching all around a similar unmapped marsh about 70m SE of mapped marsh. Was actually standing in middle of marsh seeing no flag - totally confused, muddled on in direction of 'real' marsh but losing motivation to run at this point
19. Tired
plain old crappy woods, why even set the course into here, slow picking my way, wall felt farther on that I expected, but at 2 hours, I was quite tired as well
20. Tired
map shows white woods R of line, but I never felt the woods were terribly runnable, still lots of picking through crap, finally getting good near control
21. Tired
F. Tired
not much energy left

Total Time Lost - 00:31:25

Split Analysis

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