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Race Evaluation

Canadian Orienteering Championships: Sprint Course 5.


1. I think everyone ran straight N round green, round the no-go and down the hil. Of course, in hindsight, proceeding past the no-go and down the road is likely faster.
2. Heading to 2, I encountered Richard still seeking 1. Even at the time, I thought how much time could be lost conversing w/ him, apparently a significant amount during a sprint.
3. I scrambled straight up the cliff NW of building and time tells me that was a decent route choice.
4. I cut into SW shoulder of road through grass and I probably shouldn't have.
5. Though I knew grass was tall, I chose N route and prob shan't have.
6. W & S of building and faceplanted just before N/S road catching a groundhog hole.
7. Wasn't sure what gray S of building would be so I took longer N route.
8. E & S but then I drifted E towards wrong building.
9. NE & S round building
11. From 10, other runner left E so I went W and we nearly had a head-on at the corner with control.
12. I messed up the whole race when I overshot an entire building here.
13. I ran past the green(s).
14. I intentionally hugged boundary wall to lose those behind me.
15. The long leg should have been a good one for me but time says that I was dropping. I guess the tank emptied early cause I never regained my placing.
F. So w/o talking to Richard and w/o messing leg 12, I could only have gained 5 places.

Total Time Lost - 00:00:00

Split Analysis

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