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Race Evaluation

QOC: Broad Creek: Green


1. Early start in order to work epunching later. To road left of start & angle across field by rifle range. Scouts camping in Jamestown near control so I hesitate and then run by it to the left. Come back sheepishly.
2. Skirt around Jamestown and then cut across Susquhanna to the trail. Follow to the intersection after the bridge crossing. Start climbing with goal of reaching Finney Road but manage to arrive in the rentrant with the bolderbelow 5. Start climbing again but never hit Finney Road until the intersection SW of the rifle range. Can't believe I traveled through all that crap. Walk along the rifle range fence to the stone wall. From here I end up going too much into the green and see the trail above 2. Drop down a bit and finally the control.
3. Striaght to this one - green and all. Though I don't know exactly how straight it was since I never saw the other control on the first rock pile.
4. Kind of lose my mind here and think the the Red Trail is the red line on the map which is the property line. So when I hit the red trail which was above the control I am really confused. Eventually follow it to the little clearing at the intersection NW of the control. Work my way back from here.
5. Not sure where my head was here - I am climbing to Finney Road south of the control when I realize I should have been going in the other direction. Continue to FR and take this around.
6. Trail, bridge, Golf, Timberline, Start/Finish area, Bridge, buildings, reenrant.
7. Climb to the main building at Peioneer and then down & up to the control. It seemed almost vertical and the control seemed like it was too high up the hill. But nothing else was in sight so I went up to it.
F. Dragged my butt to the finish. Hurried a little at the end to break 80 minutes. I would have enjoyed today if I wasn't still feeling so fatigued all the time. Good course.

Total Time Lost - 00:00:00

Split Analysis

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