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Race Evaluation

Scottish Six Days Tay 2009: M60L


1. great start! ran right to #2, not even noticing the first control...
2. fm the st triangle, on a path - not suspicious!
3. +01:00paths, then across a big reent, a knoll (only one), then missed the bldr in grn, to rd & jct
4. to rd, by jct & st but not good AP but other runners
5. contour & paths
6. thru desig rd crossing, most of way on paths - pretty easy
7. +01:00almost all paths but took a wrong turn, cost me
8. mostly on a path but stepped in hole causing quite a stretch on left upper calf - accurate...
9. +06:30more paths - worked way to last path but was so distracted, ran by jct...some 325m & then back....
10. paths, easy
11. path to cart track to pond to cp
12. thru desig crossing & up - good vis
13. se to rd, to jct & into grn for 50m
14. to rd to path thru grn to open fld
15. +00:50some confusion leaving fld...
16. a long run...should have cut corner...?
17. another long run along a fence
18. path..
F. skedaddle, ugh...

Total Time Lost - 00:09:20

Split Analysis

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