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Race Evaluation

BAOC Club Champs: Blue


1. +05:00Preran on 11/11/04, started just before dawn on ~50 deg rainy morning. S to clearing tip, hestitated entering forest as reentrant looked awful. Eventually crossed it to SW of clearing, then fast on flat area right past control and spent a bunch of time searching around too low. I was looking for a streamer, in a fairly dark forest (~dawn, cloudy, very thick canopy) where I couldn't even see the map very well (plus I think even in retrospect, that the map is somewhat weak in that area.). Probably the worst leg I've run in a very long time.
2. +01:20Contoured a little past control and hestitated in reentrant a bit before heading back up.
3. Down a bit, contoured, and up to bag. Finally did one right (still not synching with the map though.)
4. N Down, then NE up, contoured up to just above reentrant junction, then up to rock/streamer (that was under surrounding grass.)
5. Contoured out, above forest, read trees to dive in near bag.
6. +03:00NNW down, N, then NE up and out, through saddle, up to trail, through orchard. L Insole started crumpling by toe here (I'll have to check that later after cleaning.) Followed upmapped trail too early off road and searched around wrong bushes for way too long - not sure why I didn't clue in (guess not seeing a streamer isn't as obvious as not seeing a bag.) Eventually headed toward hilltop, then down near fence to bag.
7. SE, down trail, L insole bad, in forest from tip and nailed (easy.)
8. +00:30Very steep down and back up with little confusion on map reading on the way up (still not sure what one upside-down brown U is). In some wacky San-Andreas fault-line inspired contours... No idea why this took so long (did I hit my watch bad, or was it really that steep/slow?)
9. +01:00East exit to trail, S to bend, contoured in and checked out 3 unmapped treestumps before going to mapped ones
10. Up toward clearing but hit game trail and followed that to tree/rock/streamer.
11. +02:00On line thinking I _might_ be able to pass medium green, but it turned out to be dark green poison oak. No way in h**l am I going through that so I follwed the edge of it WNW, winding, getting stuck in P.O. surrounded dead ends, and pushing past a bit (I hope I washed well enough, I hope I washed well enough, I hope...) Eventually found an easy way (from SW) into clearing, then exit NW was easy, and up to 2nd clearing and streamer. Taking the road NW to the point where the clearing-clearing distance is shorter and the gap existed would have been _way_ faster.
12. Exit W, by 8, diagonal down to clearing/reentrant, exit along old dirt roads, then contour slowly to right reentrant & streamer, which was a bit higher than I thought it would be.
13. Climb to clearing, contour a bit, to trail, down (bad insole) to clearing end the due W, down-up to clearing, across trail to bag (in clearing that's not as big as mapped...
14. Exit W to clearning, down, down, down (bad insole, did I mention that it was wet and scrunching up by my toes? Maybe I need to glue it down better.)
15. Shoes so wet it didn't matter so I just ran down creek, feet in water much of the time, to the 1st junction, then climbed NE to trail. Trail all the way to NE of bag and then in to bag.
16. Crawl uphill due S, took indistinct trail a bit W then more climb-contouring to rock & streamer.
17. Too slick to climb up so contoured back a bit, climbing just a little, diagonally back to road (why is this dirt road mapped as a small trail?) A little past bend, then up, up, past clearing corner to bag.
18. Straight. A little tough to read clearing/forest patches but compass & distinct tree worked.
19. Straight, saw streamer on edge.
20. +00:10Up on L-side of creek, up dirt road (mapped as trail), through reentrant combo and straight to tree (probably better to run past finish.)
F. Straight - stopped watch when hit road ~10m west of gate (no finish line yet :)

Total Time Lost - 00:13:00

Split Analysis

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